Capabilities Statement

Core Competencies

Innovative Health Solutions (IHS) has developed the first evidence-based non-narcotic, non-surgical technology in the world to treat at the level of the brain and central nervous system. The NSS suite of devices includes the NSS-2 Bridge (DEN170018), classified as a neurology device, which was recognized by the FDA as the first device as an aid to reduce the symptoms of opioid withdrawal, and the Military Field Stimulator (MFS) (510(K)140530, an electro-acupuncture device for use in the practice of acupuncture by qualified practitioners of acupuncture as determined by the states, with a target population of patients with acute and chronic pain. IHS is the exclusive patent holder for this technology and its applications. (Patent #’s 9,662,269; 9,839,577) These devices are proudly produced in Jeffersonville, Indiana U.S.A. Federally distributed by Graham Advisory Network (GAN)


NSS-2 devices are the first evidence-based device of its kind that treat symptoms at the level of the brain and central nervous system. The MFS is the predecessor to the Bridge. These devices are:

  • More cost-effective than narcotic and surgical treatment methods. 
  • Provide treatment that is more time efficient for both patients and clinicians.
  • Provides a better option for patients who have complications with opioids. 

Pertinent Codes

                                        IHS                                                GAN

DUNS                          063076701                             080561144

Socio-Econ               Small                                            SDVOSB

NAICS                         334510                                      423450

SIN                                A-18                                             A-18
PSC                              6515                                             6515

CAGE                          73QP0                                        7VAR3

GSA Contract        V797D-50453 

DAPS Number      SP0200-17-H-0030 

Past Performance

Available upon request.